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General Drivers Education

Though specifics vary from state to state, the process of obtaining a driver's license is fundamentally the same across the country. Typically, a person will first receive a learner's permit after passing a written exam. Generally, a person must complete a driver's education course and rack up a certain amount of driving hours before receiving a driver's license. Then, he or she must pass a driving exam. In some states, parents are permitted to teach their kids a driver's education course. We offer a wide selection of classes that are convenient and easy to pass. You can take our online class from anywhere at your own pace.

State-Approved Drivers Education

You must visit your Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to apply for a learner's permit. Be sure to confirm the course you are interested in complies with your state driver's education requirements, so you don't waste your time.

What benefits do I receive from taking an online driver's ed class?

  • Learn each chapter at your own speed
  • Work from any location that has Internet
  • Study on your own time, when convenient
  • No suffering through boring teachers, books or long lectures

Does my state require driver's education?

Often times, driver's education courses are mandatory for teenagers. However, you should ask your local DMV if it is mandatory for you. A driver's education course still offers benefits, even it it's not a state requirement. You will improve your driving techniques and knowledge, and could even be eligible for a reduction on car insurance rates.

What driving lessons and skills will I learn from an online driver's education course?

  • To share the roads with other drivers, bicyclists, and more
  • How to keep yourself and your passengers safe
  • What effect weather can have on driving conditions
  • Right of way

Insurance discounts from driver's education

A Driver's education course will make you a safer driver. However, passing the course could also help you to save money on your car insurance. Speak with your insurance agent to learn about how taking an online driver's education class could help save you money.

Why is this driver's education course different or better than others?

We offer you the ability to log in as many times as necessary. We also have 24/7 customer support, as well as a full cost refund guarantee. Learn about your state-specific driver's education requirements, and then register for our Driver License Direct online driver's education course.

Driver's education requirements

Obtaining a driver's permit is often times a milestone in the life of a teenager, or of any person. The permit provides opportunities and bestows additional responsibilities on a person. We offer fun, educational driver's ed classes. However, we also understand this is a serious task, and therefore offer thorough and high-quality lessons.

Each course was created to make you a safer, more knowledgeable driver. The easiest way to accomplish that is to sign up for a course that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Our state-approved programs are developed to bring you a convenient, engaging and affordable way to handle all of your driver-related needs.

What people ask about our online traffic courses

  • Is this an authorized and official course approved?

    Our traffic school courses are accredited by many state and local agencies, including Courts and DMVs across the country. Before signing up for this course, you should confirm the specific benefit you wish to gain from this course with the organization that referred you to an online defensive driving course.

  • Which states accept this as an official course?

    Our traffic school courses - including defensive driving, traffic and driving safety, teen drivers education, and insurance reduction courses - are approved by many jurisdictions across the country. When registering for one of our traffic courses, you will be asked to select your state. If you do not see your state as an option, the course is not currently available there.

  • How effective is your online course?

    Research has indicated most auto accidents happen because of human decision or error, not because of a lack in technical knowledge. Our online traffic safety courses are based on the research and findings of psychologists specializing in the human thought process behind driving.

  • What is your refund policy?

    A 100% refund is available to you at any point during the course, before completing the final quiz.

  • Which traffic safety classes do you offer?

    We offer online defensive driving courses approved by many jurisdictions, including local courts and DMVs. Our online traffic safety courses are also approved by insurance companies for point reduction, premium reduction, and even ticket dismissal. Before signing up for this course, you should confirm the specific benefit you wish to gain from this course with the organization that referred you to traffic school.

  • Do you offer training courses for senior drivers and others looking for insurance discounts?

    Yes! We offer driver training for adults and seniors that can result in an insurance premium reduction. Each state has different requirements for who can complete a traffic safety course for an insurance discount. Some states only permit drivers age 55 and older to complete a traffic safety course for an insurance discount. You should confirm any benefits of traffic safety courses with your car insurance agent.

  • Which forms of payment are accepted?

    Payments are made online with a credit card, bank debit card, or a Paypal account. Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted.

  • When will I receive my certificate after passing the course?

    Our traffic school courses can be completed in one sitting. You will receive your certificate within a half hour of completing the final quiz.

  • What official documents are required for the traffic school class?

    Students must supply us with payment and all required documents, including traffic citations, in the beginning of the class. Each student must also provide a government-issued Driver's License, or similar proof of identification, and confirm their eligibility to attend the course, in order to begin the traffic course.

  • About how long does it take to complete the class?

    The course is about 6 and a half hours long in states we are not considered certified providers, and is available at your own pace, as you are able to log in and out at your leisure.

  • What happens if I do not pass the final test?

    Most of our traffic school courses permit the driver multiple attempts on the final quiz. All quiz questions are multiple choice and true or false, and are based only on the chapter material covered in the course.

  • Am I required to complete the entire course all at once?

    Not at all! You will be able to log in and out whenever you like. Our traffic school course is divided up by chapters, which allows participants to complete one chapter and complete the next chapter when time permits. Our software will remember where you left off and will credit the time you completed in the course so far.

  • Can I use my regular web browser for this course?

    Yes. You may use Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and any of the other standard web browsers on Mac and PCs. You may even complete our online traffic course on your smartphone, tablet and other similar devices.

  • Where can I find my login information?

    Your login and password are both case sensitive. Each person's login will be their driver's license number. The driver's license number should be entered the same way you entered it when first logging in to the course.

  • Does Motorist Academy report my successful traffic school completion?

    The process for reporting traffic school courses varies by state. Further details will be explained during your registration.

  • What is your protocol for cancellations and refunds?

    You may cancel the traffic school course at any point during the class, and receive a refund, as long as a certificate of completion has not been issued. Refunds will be credited back the original card or account used to the purchase the class. All accepted refunds are issued within 10 days of an eligible cancellation request.

  • Is this a secure website?

    Yes! We are a Verified Secure Site, which means all information provided by students, including personal data and credit card numbers, is encrypted and secured. You may view our secure site verification certificate by clicking respective icon in the address bar of your web browser.

  • How do I reset my password?

    Your login and password were emailed to you during registration if you provided a valid email address. If you aren't able to access this email, or didn't supply a correct email address upon registering, you should contact customer support. You may also request your username and password on the Login Page.

  • The timer in my lesson chapter is still running, but I am done. What can I do?

    The chapter timers in your course must reach 0:00 in order for you to move on and complete the chapter quiz. If you finish reading the material before the timer is out, we suggest reviewing the information in bold, highlights, colors, or in boxes. You can also view the points in the "Let's Review" section.

  • I can’t log in to your website. What do I do?

    If you are encountering problems logging into our website, try deleting your cookies and clearing the temporary internet files in your internet browser. You should also review your privacy settings and ensure you have chosen "Accept All Cookies," for our site. Popup blockers and firewalls could also be the issue - be sure to disable them for our site, if needed. If none of these steps solve your issue, try an alternative internet browser. We suggest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.